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WHYHA Volunteer Registration and Certification
     To all new and returning Coaches,...
USA Hockey Coaching Certification Guidelines
    USA Hockey Coaching Education Program...
WHYHA Coaching Warm-up Suits
   West Hartford Wolves Coaching Warm-up Suit   We...
Coaching Equipment and Helmet Policy
     All WHYHA on-ice coaches, assistant...
WHYHA Volunteer Registration and Certification


To all new and returning Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Team Parents, On-Ice Helpers, and General Volunteers,


Welcome, and Thank you!

With the season fast approaching and upon us it is time to ensure we have all of our “paperwork” in order for another exciting Wolves Season.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer to help make this the best Wolves Season yet – the success of this organization is dependent on volunteers like you.  This organization runs on volunteers.


We need to make sure we take care of one and/or two sets of administrative requirements:

  1. Requirements for ANY and ALL VOLUNTEERS, including:  Board Members, Team Parents, Team Managers, On-ice Coaching, Assistant Coaching, and General Helpers.
  2. Requirements for ON-ICE VOLUNTEERS, including coaches, assistants, helpers, etc.  

Please work to complete any administrative steps as soon as possible.  We recognize there are numerous requirements but they truly help to make the hockey experience a safe experience for everyone.  Coaches cannot be rostered or take the ice until ALL of these steps are completed.


ALL VOLUNTEERS (On-Ice and Off-Ice)

USA Hockey Registration (Step 1):  ALL WHYHA Board Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-ice Helpers, Managers and Team Parents must register with USA Hockey (  For those participating on-ice, register as and "Ice Player/Coach".  For those volunteering off-ice (non-coach Managers, Administrators, Board Members, Team Parents, etc.) regisister as an "Ice Manager/Volunteer".  Any "Ice Manager/Volunteer" registrations with USA Hockey are free.

WHYHA Registration (Step 2):  Once you have completed your USAH registration and have your USAH Confirmation number, please complete the WHYHA "2015-2016 Volunteer Application" in the registration section of our website.​

Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC) Background Screening (Step 3):  Additionally if you did not complete the CHC background screening last season (2014-2015), you will need to be background screened again this season. This is a bi-annual requirement for all volunteers and there is no cost to you. The link to the website for screening is:

USA Hockey SafeSport training:  USA Hockey has implemented some additional training requirements along with Yankee Hockey Conference (New England Hockey) and Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC).  All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete SafeSport training, before taking the ice, and all other volunteers are strongly encouraged to complete SafeSport training. This requirment for coaches is a bi-annual requirement going forward (i.e. you will need to complete this training every other year). There is no cost to you for SafeSport Training.

Information on how to register and access the SafeSport Training can be found at



In addition to the above-noted registration and background check items, all On-Ice Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Helpers, and Volunteers are required to complete certain USA Hockey training and coaching education programs.  These programs include an on-line USA Hockey Training Module as well as an in-person USA Hockey Coaching Certification Training program.  For additional details refer to the coaching guide on  

Note for all U8/Mite Coaches and On-Ice Helpers:  USA Hockey has mandated that all on-ice volunteers need to complete the U8-age specific on-line training module and complete an in-person USA Hockey Level 1 Coaching Course.  These two programs are required to be completed by midnight December 31, 2015 or you will not be able to participate on-ice in the new year.  Further information is provided below.

  1. USA HockeyAge-Specific Training Module please go to: it will request your USA Hockey confirmation number to register for the module so it can track your progress accordingly.
  2. USA Hockey Coaching Certification is required for all coaches and assistant coaches who have not yet completed this program this year, which is new. Training dates are posted in the link below.  

For more information on all available certification courses and to register please go to: and search for your appropriate Coaching Education Program (CEP) Level.


Should you have any questions about your specific requirements for the coming season please contact Jason Emery .

USA Hockey Coaching Certification Guidelines


USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Requirements


Link:  USA Hockey Coaching Rules and Requirements


(1) Required Coaching Education Program Levels for Ice Hockey

USA Hockey requires that all affiliates and/or districts shall establish the following requirements without modifications for all coaches (head and assistant).

All coaches must have the required certification level by January 1 of the current season.

(a) All coaches must enter USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program at Level 1, and must continue their education with a coaching clinic each year until, at a minimum, they achieve Level 3. EXCEPTION: Coaches of 8U or younger players may remain at Level 1 or their current level. A coach may attend only one (1) certification clinic per year (not including age-specific requirements). Coaches who do not coach in continuous years must re-enter the program at the next level when they resume coaching responsibilities. Once Level 3 is achieved, periodic renewal [as outlined in Paragraph (c) below] is required for coaches who have not achieved Level 4. Coaches of national tournament bound teams (Tier I 14U, 16U and 18/19U and Tier II 16U and 18/19U) must complete Level 4 in their fourth season of coaching. Coaches who attain Level 4 certification are not required to attend any further certification clinics but must adhere to the age-specific requirement as outlined in Paragraph (b) below.

(b) In addition to the training in paragraph (a) above, coaches must also complete online age-specific training modules specific to the level of play they are coaching, if they have not already taken that module. This requirement applies to all coaches at all levels, 1 through 5. Coaches may complete more than one age-specific module in any given season.

(c) Coaching certification at Level 3 is valid for two (2) seasons, as indicated by the expiration date.

A coach whose Level 3 is due to expire must take the online Level 3 Recertification Track 1 curriculum or they may move up to Level 4. Level 3 Track 1 Recertification is valid for two (2) seasons.

A coach whose Track 1 Level 3 recertification is due to expire must take the online Level 3 Recertification Track 2 curriculum or move up to Level 4. Level 3 Track 2 Recertification is valid for two (2) seasons.

Coaches whose Track 2 Level 3 Recertification is due to expire must attend a Level 4 clinic prior to the expiration of their Level 3 Recertification.

Coaches must complete the online recertification program in order to recertify their Level 3 certifications. Attending a clinic or workshop is no longer valid for recertifying any certification level.

(d) Grandfather Clause
For coaches who enrolled in the Coaching Education Program prior to May 1, 2011, their entry into the above program will be at their current certification level. Level 1 and 2 coaches must adhere to paragraphs (a) and (b) above, effective May 1, 2011. Current Level 3 coaches must adhere to paragraph (b) and (c) above; effective with the season their Level 3 expires.

This chart outlines the progression for a new coach. Coaches with pre-existing certifications will enter the new program at their current certification level and must adhere to paragraphs 1. (a) and (b) above.


All USA Hockey coaches will possess a USA Hockey Coaching Education Program card with valid certification stickers(if certification was received prior to September 1, 2011), or a printout from the USA Hockey online certification list (if certification was received after September 1, 2011).


(2) Evidence of Level

It is the responsibility of the local association to identify those coaches who do not meet the certification requirements. All coaches have until December 31 of the current season to attend a USA Hockey coaching clinic and complete the online age-specific playing level module to become properly certified.

Prior to the start of all games throughout the season all coaches are required to indicate their current certification status on the scoresheet, regardless of their certification level. All coaches (except for juniors) must legibly print their USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) card number, their CEP level (levels 1-5), their online age-specific playing level module and the year their CEP level was attained.

Beginning January 1 of the current season, prior to the start of each game, all coaches present are required to sign the designated area of the score sheet in order to verify the accuracy of the playing roster, as it appears on the score sheet, for that game.


(3) Penalty and Enforcement

All coaches must have current certification and online component verification beginning January 1 of the current playing season. Any coach not in possession of these requirements will be ineligible to coach for the remainder of the season. Districts and/or affiliates are required to uphold this penalty. It will be the responsibility of the local association registering the team to enforce the national policy.


WHYHA Coaching Warm-up Suits

West Hartford Wolves Coaching Warm-up Suit


We would like to have all of our on-ice coaches and assistants outfitted in our West Hartford Wolves Coaches Warm-up Suit.  Not only do they look sharp but they also enable our association to look like "one team and organization," they promote the brand of West Hartford Youth Hockey, and they also are helpful to our families and parents as they look for assistance and direction related to our various teams and programs.  

The Bauer warm-up suits are available for purchase for a half-price discounted $55 for all registered program on-ice coaches - WHYHA picks up the rest of the cost as a thank-you for your time, help, and commitment to our players.

Looking sharp Coach.

Please contact to place your order.  

For questions on sizing, please refer to the Bauer Sizing Chart.

Coaching Equipment and Helmet Policy


All WHYHA on-ice coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, and helpers must wear skates, helmets, gloves, and have a hockey stick.  You should also be decked out in your Wolves warm-up suite as well!  We are coaching hockey so, very simply, we should be prepared with the basic tools necessary to safely teach this great sport.


ALL coaches MUST be wearing helmets on the ice during all practices. 


This includes any on-ice activity, house, travel teams, and clinics. The rule is simple and does require 100% compliance by all CHC member programs and their coaches.


A properly secured helmet.


Per CHC guidelines, the rule is as follows: A “modern” properly fitted, (not modified), and secured helmet must be used at all times when a coach is on the ice.  Enforcement is made through the punishment for each offense:

1st infraction = Warning;

2nd infraction = 1-game suspension;

3rd infraction = Match penalty. 


Sanctions may also be imposed upon the program for wanton disregard of this rule.


Should you have any questions regarding these equipment requirements please contact Jason Emery